How to change PHP configuration

  • Open AMPPS Control Panel 

How to change PHP configuration

This tutorial will show you how to make changes to PHP configuration

Go to AMPPS Control Panel

  • Open AMPPS Control Panel

Open Configuration File

  • Click on Settings button on right side of PHP 
  • Click on Configuration button which will appear when you click on the Settings button
  • Click on PHP conf and the configuration file will open in a text editor 

Make Changes to Configuration File 

  • You can make changes in configuration file for example as shown below we changed max_execution_time from 20 to 30 and save file
  • After saving the configuration file you can see the message "PHP Configuration changed" in the AMPPS control center

Restart Apache

Note :  Do not forget to restart Apache (and php-fpm if you are running PHP with FPM) for the changes to take effect.
If you face issues please open a support ticket.
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