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Good work Softaculous! Amazing LAMP-stack and control center! (Bye bye XAMPP!)

Thomas Frank,
CTO Nodebite AB

This is amazing product, this makes my work easier than any other. built in apps, python, full wamp,mamp, lamp stack are amazing. goodbye MAMP,WAMP,XAMP and LAMP.

Yashi EL,
CEO/Founder Yashi Digital Agency

I am very grateful and happy that I discovered the ampps product suite. I have used this product for several months, and I am elated by the quality of the implementation and its design, by its faultless operation and reliability, by the technical support provided by its developers. I have received very good tech support on three occasions - each occasion based upon a "How do I do this..." scenario, and each time I have received a prompt and a accurately targeted and phrased response. I asked tech support if they accepted donations, and their reply was "But we will be very grateful if you submit a testimonial for our product on our site," . . . and so I have done just that. Again, many thanks for a very good product and for very good tech support..! Jim Stanfield

James W Stanfield,
owner, operator, publisher, author, software dev dba OTR Publications

Amazingly awesome product AMPPS rocks.!! full customization in admin panel...super scripts..

aditya rathore,
Developer Avyukta Intellicall

It\'s beautiful as it is. No overloading garbage. Just pure simpleness and speed. How it should be. I love it.

Dominik Pohl,
Trainee as IT specialist for System integration Krankenhaus Dueren (German Hospital)

The best software stack ever tested. Using for development on different projects and to test various apps. Most simple software stack ready to go for windows (and this is not easy!). Very stable and no problem at all. No configuration for standard development.

Antonio Nardone,
Development & Technology Strategy MoodGiver

That's it: you have realy nailed it. Installed, worked seamlessly and the dashboard does more than you boasted with. Delighted.

Slavic Dragovtev,
Owner Entropi

This biggest software for development, thank you all team Ampps, this useful software

Hendri Permana,
IT Project Manager Bucat Indonesia, Corp.

After using a rival WAMP for several years I decided that the Softaculous AMPPS offering with an amazing amount of application ready to install would be a better proposition for my company's needs. The support of AMPPS is nothing short of incredible given that the software is free. My company supports a broad customer base using a variety of applications. We can now install and remove these on demand to offer even better support thanks to Softaculous AMPPS.

Douglas MacDonald,
CEO Ryadia Pty Ltd

Loved Ampps and its slick interface. Out of all most loved features are, easy to create virtual hosts, add ssl certificates & change PHP versions on the fly. Also if any thing goes wrong, there is option to revert back to original configuration :) . Wohoo! Thanks for this awesome all in one tool :)

Rajendra Wagle,
CEO Raw Themes

You guys are too cool. It was breeze installing and making it to work that I used to struggle in past. Good job - keep it up. I am willing to volunteer if you have any need. Thanks.

Subrata Panda,
Free Lancer Consulting

This package is an absolute must. I installed it and expected to have a few configuration issues but I was able to start immediately on constructive and productive work. Excellent

Steve Evans,
n/a n/a

We use AMPPS for a variety of our internal tools development, along with development and testing of our client-facing modules. The ability to instantly have a variety of database and language options running in a few clicks is amazing. Additionally, it's ability to keep things contained within its own footprint is very welcoming, especially on Windows when things can get out of hand fast when installing developer tools.

Product Manager LiveGauge

ampps is the best full packaged server to run on your mac. it's really easy to get started with, very customizable, and straightforward. I recommend it to everyone who wants to start his web development career

Wassim Seifeddine,
CEO Apprazy

Hi, Very nice application and easy to use. I've already used MAMP PRO but I've installed AMPPS and LIKE it a lot.

Javad Sameei,
Developer HighThemes

everything is very easy because of ampps, thanks to the ampps team for making an application that is very useful for many people

sudirman said,
IT support setisip setiabudhi university

After running XAMPP for about 10 years I decided to give AMPPS a try - I am truely amazed .. Chris.

Chris Coleman,
Owner Hereford Computers

I'm so amazing with this Ampps application. A very clever and genius ideas, and so friendly interface for small developer like me. Unbeatable software development stack with webuzo hosting like taste. I've been ten years in the programming world, but today i found you (Ampps), a cute software that heal my brain. Thank you so much to you all (Softaculous communities). Success always for you.. and sorry for my bad English :) Warm regards, Kaka Arif

Kaka Arif,
Team Leader PT. Arkamaya

AMPPS helped us streamline our workloads and made it easier to manage packages and services. It's very easy to use, well organized and very intuitive.

Ferit Uzun,
Web Developer ANTHA

We, here at Pearl use AMPPS and we are very happy to share that it is one of the best software we had used. Its PHP version changing process is my fav. part.

Sr. Web Developer Pearl Organisation

I don't use to write Testimonials, but I find Ampps too good not to share my experience with it. It was "love at the first sight", it has an easy to use interface, a lot of functions, and it is the best tool I found for local development, but the most important thing, it is fast! Keep up the good work!

Nedelcescu Radu,
IT Coordinator LSAC Bucuresti

Muito bom o pacote. Funciona de forma bem estável. É rápido e a principio não pesa na máquina além do necessário. A configuração padrão opera de imediato, não requer nenhum ajustes.

Ivens Alberto Meyer,
Diretor IAM Tecnologia em Manutenção Aeronautica Ltda

This is the best Local Development tool I have ever used and trust me, I have tried a lot of them. The www directory is easily accessible, its secure and super fast. I even setup and old machine as a server using Ampps. Many thanks to the developers.

captain salem,
Developer Tess Developers

From many days I was searching a free and user friendly web server environment for mac, and have ever switch more than 10 server then I found AMPPS.I think it's best for all level mac user Thanks AMPPS Team

Abdul Mannan,
CEO SpaGreen Creative

Its really good. It take lowest effort to restart.It is better then MAMP , WAMP or XAMPP.


I am a full-stack web developer. I was using MAMP but suddenly I started facing some problems with MAMP like custom domain and many more things. Then I thought I will try to buy MAMP as soon as I can. But suddenly I start searching "WAMP for mac" on google. Then finally I got AMPPS! I am really happy with AMPPS! Great Work! Thanks

Mahbub Hasan Imon,
Owner ultraDevs

Thank you for a wonderful app! I was amazed at its functionality


Awesome!! thank you for developing This soft, you all did worked great!!

Narendra Chouhan,
Web Developer PHI

I am really appreciative of the AMPPS setup and their site and especially how easy it was for me (an 84 year old) to install both the AMPPS software and Joomla and get them both to work... I had tried a couple of the "other guys" that are better known or more popular and ran in to problems and after hours of Googling for fixes, I was able to do the whole thing in just a few minutes using AMPPS... Some people actually know what user freindly means... Regards B. W.

William Waters,
Computer Tech Retired

I have XAMP installed on my windows laptop. Now I have AMPPS on my MacBook Pro and I love it! Thank you so much!

Erica Perkins,
Software Developer Erica D. Perkins

Installed ampps server to test scripts. In the process, I noticed that CURL and multithreading did not work. Of course I wrote to ampps support. The support team worked quickly and solved all problems. Ampps turned out to be a good local server.

Evgeniy Kapustin,
no position no company

Softaculous AMPPS, I am a retired IT professional. I do work on a volunteer basis, and help our local town government by maintaining their website. The production web server is a LAMP architecture, and our website is basically a responsive web app. I have three development/test PCs for maintaining the web content and data. I was using a competitors free LAMP stack for many years, but the vendor discontinued support, so I searched the internet for other LAMP stacks and found AMPPS. I downloaded AMPPS to both my MacOS and Windows PCs and installed AMPPS on both to test if my Web applications would work on AMPPS. I had no issues installing AMPPS on either MacOS or Windows and AMPPS user interface is identical on both. I then configured AMPPS to run my web apps, and imported content, and the data into the MySQL databases. I happy to report everything worked fine on AMPPS stack. I will review AMPPS with the town council at our next meeting. Regards, Ben Peacock

Ben Peacock,
Website Support Retired
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