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Configure AMPPS on Local Network


This tutorial will explain how to configure AMPPS to allow access to the apps over local network. E.g. Install WordPress and access it using a domain name/IP over LAN.

Add a Domain

Go to the Add Domain page in AMPPS enduser panel using the following link :


Add IP as Domain Name

While adding the domain add your IP/domain name which will be accessible from your local network. In this tutorial we will use the IP as an example which is accessible from our network.

Domain Added

Once the domain is added we will proceed to installing a script which we want to access over network. In this tutorial we will be installing WordPress, similarly you can install any script/app as per your requirements.

Choose a Script

You can select the script you would like to install from the left menu in AMPPS enduser panel : http://localhost/ampps/

We are selecting WordPress for this tutorial.


Select the Domain

On the install form of WordPress or the script that you choose to install select the domain name that you would like to use from the dropdown. In our case it is as that is the domain name we added.
Fill in the install form and hit the "Install" button to start the installation.

Installation Completed

Sit back and relax, let Softaculous do the hard work. Once the installation is completed you will see the below screen and you can then access the installation over your Local Network (LAN) with the domain name or IP that you added
That's it! You have successfully installed and configured WordPress to be accessible over your Local Network (LAN).

If you face any issues, please open a Support ticket with us.

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