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Softaculous 5.3.2 for AMPPS


The AMPPS team has finally launched Softaculous 5.3.2 for AMPPS and AMPPS 3.9. The following is a list of changes from Softaculous 4.9.3 to 5.3.2 :

1) [Feature] : Added Staging option. This feature can be used to create a staging environment of your production website and test any changes you need. You can then Push these changes (files, database structure, database data) to your production website using the Push To Live option. Following are the guides :
- Staging
- Push To Live

2) [Feature] : WordPress Mange Plugin / Theme Sets (Admin/Enduser can now create sets of plugins/themes). With this feature you can use the defined sets to be applied to new WordPress installations or even existing WordPress installations. You can follow the below guide on how to create sets and manage them :

3) [Feature] : Added support for backups on Dropbox, Google Drive , FTPS and SFTP servers. View Guide.

4) [Feature] : Added Quick Install option for scripts which will ask minimal install options and use the default values for the remaining options. This is added for a quick installation experience. Admin can set Quick Install option as the default install option from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Settings page.

5) [Feature] : Users can now select what to backup while upgrading an installation from Softaculous Panel i.e. Full Backup, Backup Files, Backup Database, etc.

6) [Feature] : Added support to upgrade WordPress installations to minor/major branch. Users can select if they want the scripts to be auto update only for minor version updates.

7) [Feature] : Now user can save Sign on username from edit installation page to auto sign-on in WordPress. Guide :

8) [Feature] : Users can now traverse in the scripts list in the search menu using arrow keys.

Board Image

9) [Task] : Backup and Restore will now be processed in background to avoid timeouts in case of huge installations

1o) [Task] : If the WordPress plugins and themes auto upgrade is enabled by the user. They will now be upgraded via Softaculous cron i.e. once every 24 hours, previously they were upgraded only when the WordPress core was upgraded.

11) [Task] : The password encryption for storing passwords like "Database Password", "API Pass", "FTP Password" and "SMTP Password" in Softaculous records will now use OpenSSL instead of mcrypt for hashing the password. All the existing passwords will be re-encrypted with the new hashing format when Softaculous will be upgraded.

12) [Task] : Updated the Remove installation process to delete the "additional files" selected by the user as associated with the installation (only in the domain root folder e.g. public_html/). If the user has selected the additional files as associated with the installation only then such files will be deleted.

13) [Task] : Added the following filters pre_staging, post_staging, pre_pushtolive, post_pushtolive, pre_addcron_auto_backup, post_addcron_auto_backup. These filters are documented here.

14) [Task] : Improved Remote Import for installations with huge database by importing database in parts to avoid PHP running out of memory.

15) [Task] : Added a notice on the script install form for the scripts that are not updated for more than 2 years. This is to make sure that the user is aware before installing the script that the script has not been updated for long time. Admins can disable the outdated scripts from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Software page.

16) [Task] : Single Sign on to the installaton's (WordPress) admin panel has now been added in the Top Scripts widget in the control panel "Top Scripts" section. This will allow users to access the admin panel of their WordPress installation(s) directly from cPanel/Directadmin.

17) [Task] : Updated PHPMailer library.

18) [Task] : Added setting in Softaculous admin panel -> Settings page, "Disable SSL certificate check on script install form" when selected will disable the SSL certificate check when a user chooses to install a script with the protocol selected as "https://" or "https://www." and not generate any message if SSL certificate is not installed on the domain.

19) [Task] : Allowed to use . (dot) in the data directory name for scripts that need a non web accessible data directory. This will let users make the data directory a hidden directory.

20) [Task] : Structure changes to Softaculous files/folders for better compatibility while upgrading PHP versions.

21) [Task] : Added "post_createdb" filter which can be used to execute custom code after a database is created while installing a script. Click here for Guide.

22) [Task] : Added "domains_list" filter which can be used to add/remove domains from the domains list generated by Softaculous. Click here for Guide.

23) [Task] : PHP Classes have been disabled.

24) [Task] : Added "Hide In Directory Field" setting in Softaculous admin panel. When this setting is enabled the user will not see the "In Directory" field on the script install form in enduser panel and all the installations will be performed in the domain root folder.

25) [Bug Fix] : In some cases during Remote Import if there was a rule in .htaccess on the source installation which did not allow any new files to be accessed the Remote Import was failing. This is fixed now.

26) [Bug Fix] : In some cases the backup tar.gz file did not have the correct filesize of the last file in the tar causing the restore to fail. This is fixed now.

27) [Bug Fix] : While checking if a domain has SSL installed on the Softaculous install form, made fixes to not allow access to any domains that are not in the domains list in their account and to not allow any protocols except http and https.

28) [Bug Fix] : Backup on Remote server i.e. FTP was not working with the CLI backup utility. This is fixed now.

29) [Bug Fix] : CLI backup info file was not deleted when the backup failed. This is fixed now.

30) [Bug Fix] : Remote Import was not working for scripts that had data directory e.g. Moodle. This is fixed now.

31) [Bug Fix] : MySQL version requirement check was unable to determine the correct version when using Remote MySQL host. This is fixed now.

32) [Bug Fix] : When an installation was already updated manually, upgrading that installation from Softaculous Admin panel reported an error that the installation is already updated. This is fixed and Softaculous will now save the updated version in Softaculous records and display a success message that the installation is already updated instead of an error.

33) [Bug Fix] : The Table prefix was not saved in Softaculous records when the installation was Cloned or Imported in Softaculous. This is fixed now.

34) [Bug Fix] : The Related Scripts section on the script overview page did not load properly in Chrome and Opera. This is fixed now. 

35) [Bug Fix] : Improved memory management in the restore process for a script installation backup to avoid causing PHP to run out of memory with large backups.

36) [Bug Fix] : In auto upgrade installation even if the installation doesn’t exist , Softaculous unzips the latest files. This is fixed now.

The next version will have new features and improvements. We have updated AMPPS Windows and AMPPS MAC will soon get an update. We are now going to have a system where you will be able to install Apps with the click of a button and also AMPPS updates will be easier. We are de-coupling the AMPPS binary and the apps like PHP, Apache, MySQL for 1 click update of apps. Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

The AMPPS Team

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