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The AMPPS Team has released AMPPS 3.9 for Windows only. This is a 64 Bit version.

New Features:

  • Softaculous has been updated to 5.3.2 :
  • We have updated PHP, MySQL, Apache to the latest versions.
  • Ioncube Loader have been updated.
  • Fixed minor bugs in AMPPS.

Going forward we will maintain only the 64 bit versions of AMPPS and their Apps. We will soon be launching a premium version of AMPPS as well. The free version will always be there with the latest apps.

The Mac and Linux versions are in the making and should be launched soon. We are sorry for the delays in launching but going forward, once the 1 click app install system is in place, AMPPS will be able to update Apps like PHP, MySQL, etc by the click of a button. We already have a system in Webuzo and we are now bringing that technology to AMPPS as well.

Download Link :

The AMPPS Team

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