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jCore server is the core system on which you can build your jCore client sites. This is the system that contains all the libraries and/or modules you would use for your client sites.This way if there is a new release or an important bug fix you won't have to update all your sites one by one for each of your clients, just update jCore server and all your client sites will be updated at once.

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Dynamic Web 2.0 Layout

  • You build up your site from scrach using blocks (divs) and customizing them with css/js.
Multilanguage Support
  • Using PHP's implemented translation functionality you can translate any port of the site.
Multiple Menus
  • Have multiple menus for e.g. Top Menu, Bottom Menu, Left Menu on your site with unlimited menu items.
Content Management
  • Manage your site's content with a WYSIWYG editor and attach files/pictures to them.
Dynamic Forms
  • Create submit forms with custom fileds and store or send valus trough email.
Extensibility (Modules)
  • Extend your site with further functionality like Photogallery or a File sharing module and so on.
jQuery Implementation
  • jCore uses jQuery for it's front end coding, it even implements it's on jQuery plugins to make implementation of further jQuery plugins easily.
Content Codes
  • Include posts, modules, blocks, forms and other are of your site in your posts/blocks contents.
RSS Feeds
  • Keep your readers up to date with rss feeds.
  • Easily place ad codes / banners on your site and earn money.
Members Management
  • Manage your site members or send out mass emails to let them know about news.
SEO Friendly Links
  • Have your links reendered in a human friendly way so people can remember them easily.
Brute Force Protection
  • Will protect you from brute force attacks on your user's accounts.
Password Trading Protection
  • Will protect you from password traders / sharers and notify you of compromised accounts.
Custom 404 Error Page
  • Instead of showing a 404 Url Not found page you can customize to show your own text within your own site.
Custom Maintenance Text
  • Will let you close your site for maintenance with your own notification text while you are making updates to your site.
API - Partial Classes
  • Using partial classes you will be able to extend the core features without affecting compatibility for future updates.

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by a Guest - JoshAWilson - February 6, 2012, 11:47 am
Been using jcore now since August 2011 and i don't think i'd ever change thanks for creating jcore