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Softaculous 4.9.3
The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.9.3 for AMPPS. 1) Revamped Admin panel UI. The new UI is based on Bootstrap and is responsive. 2) Added Show/Hide option for password fields. 3) Added option in Softaculous enduser panel to import installations from Remote servers. Refer to the guide here. 4) Added option in admin panel to show only the parent version for scripts having multiple branches. 5) Added a notice on backups page in Softaculous Enduser panel to notify the enduser about the maximum backups limit set by admin. 6) Added option in Softaculous Admin panel to disable Remote Import option for endusers. 7) Added option to install WordPress themes from the Edit Installation page in Softaculous Enduser panel. 8) Script Logos in Softaculous Enduser panel will now be loaded from the server itself instead of Softaculous Mirror servers thus making the logos load faster. 9) [Task] : Improved Softaculous Update page in Softaculous Admin panel. 10) [Task] : Improved the Cloning process by pushing it in background to avoid timeout. 11) [Bug Fix] : Script Install API did not work in rare cases when the password had some special characters. This has been fixed now. 12)[Bug Fix] : In some cases the database password was encrypted twice causing the backups, auto upgrade to fail. This has been fixed now and the installations that were already affected will be handled with the fix. This issue occurred only if the Server admin had enabled "Store Database Password in encrypted format" option from Softaculous Admin panel. 13) [Bug Fix] : Backup Notes having special characters like ' and " did not return correct values in List Backups API call. This is fixed now. 14) [Bug Fix] : Auto Backups Rotation option was available on Edit Installation page in Softaculous even if Auto Backups was disabled by admin. This is fixed now. 15) [Bug Fix] : On Softaculous Admin panel -> Software page the Select All (Category) checkbox did not work for categories having only one script. This has been fixed now. 16) [Bug Fix] : Import Software page had JavaScript error when selecting domain from Choose Domain dropdown. This has been fixed. 17) [Bug Fix] : Users were not able to update the installation details for their WordPress installation if the path to their installation was to be changed. This is fixed now. 18) [Bug Fix] : Some links in the language strings were broken in Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Czech translations. This is also fixed now. 19) [Bug Fix] : Auto backups were not performed for PERL scripts. This is now fixed. 20) [Bug Fix] : On the Edit Installation page, Users were shown an option to install the WordPress plugins which are disabled from Softaculous Admin Panel -> Software -> Advanced settings page. This is fixed now. 21) [Bug Fix] : Fixed a JavaScript bug in Themes Search option on WordPress install form. We hope you like the new changes and we will be adding more features in the upcoming releases. Regards, The Softaculous Team
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